23 2014

You are on toes today to cook something really interesting. You open the refrigerator to see if you have stocked cottage cheese and yes, you do. But, it's not enough to just sniff to check if it is still alive and good to use. It is certainly important to check the label for the expiration date for all edible products before you use it. It refers to the last date a food should be eaten or used. Last is the end last. If you would like to have it further than that, it is at your own risk.

Decoding 'best before' and 'expiry date' labels

Although, the dates donot provide us the exact guidance to use a product's safe time. However, here are some tips:

1. Purchase and use the product before the date expires. Donot push it to the last minute of using the product.

2. If it is a perishable item, take the food immediately to your residence after purchase and refrigerate it without fail. You may also freeze it if you think you can't use it within the recommended date on the chart.

3. Once a perishable product is frozen, it doesn't matter if the date expires because foods kept frozen continuously are safe indefinitely.

4. Donot miss on noticing the handling recommendation or instructions on the package of the product. It always comes of help.

5. Try to not skip on the temperature guide provided for certain items on the label.

So go ahead, check the date label in the food you consume and manage your health in a better way. Stay happy, Stay healthy.