5 2017
Eat To Live

“ You are what you eat ” is a quote that will stand true at any given time. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and in today's stressful life, a healthy mind is everything. The knowledge of a balanced diet has been instilled in everyone, thanks to the 'general science' classes in schools. Every second grader would be able to define a balanced diet as the food that contains adequate amounts of Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins and Proteins. But as adults, most of us fail in keeping our food 'balanced'.

In today's world, people choose food that can be made in a minimum time. Fast food joints are a booming business today, thanks to the same. People flock in and out of these joints, despite the fact there is no certainty about the hygiene. The '2-minute noodles' was probably one of the most 'in-demand' product, till a recent controversy about adulteration happened. This obsession is dangerous, often leading to a lot health issues. Junk foods must be avoided as much as possible.

People should strive to make their diets 'complete'. Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts must be regularly consumed. Other than providing the essential nutrients, they are great for the hunger pangs and keeps the energy levels high. There is a common misconception about avoiding fats. Good fats like cheese and ghee are extremely important for the body. Similarly, artificial sugar should be avoided and not the natural ones.

Breakfast must be the heaviest meal of the day and can be high in fiber and proteins. Lunch must be a complete meal with adequate amounts of carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients. Dinner must be a much smaller meal. In between the three meals of the day, it is necessary that we have small ports of good food such as an apple, a bowl of sprouts and/or a glass of fresh juice.

The main purpose of dieting is not to look a certain way but to maintain good levels of fitness to lead a healthy life.