What has the competition given us? Is it the fame or the money? When we thought about it, we realized that it gave us a thought...

A thought to make us inspire and create a realm of happiness for millions. That thought took us on an epic path breaking journey to redefine healthcare that made our efforts meaningful.

We ought to make this journey with no prior experience. We accepted this challenge as a key to redefine healthcare and to revolutionize change in mindset. A healthcare system to actually care and not just cure. A healthcare system that promotes wellbeing and discourages from getting sick. A healthcare system that strongly delivers the message, “When you can prevent, why go for cure?”. A healthcare system that provides hope to mankind that they can lead an illness free life. A healthcare system that is key in promoting healthy and happy life.

We believed in our technology, a craft that can revolutionize healthcare for betterment of human lives. We believed that to make a healthcare revolution, we need to march forward and take this bold step.

For a moment, we thought that we shall wait for someone to make this bold step but we understood bold step is nothing to do with its success, bold step is all about taking the first step in the need of the hour. We understood that medical Innovation is not just invention, but to do with great undeterred motive to care for fellow humans. We did not wait for someone to create this revolution and we created VitalsFit TM (our Medical TricorderTM).

An epic journey is not complete, if it did not encounter challenges, struggles and losses on its way. We took this bold step with a group of junior engineers with sheer passion committed to the cause. When we began, the team had zero domain knowledge and no access to Medical Fraternity. We committed ourselves to continuous learning and challenged conventional wisdom while building solutions.

It is very true that a day cannot look so brighter, if our eyes did not experience the darkest of nights. Our struggles and efforts were questioned by nature. We lost our prototypes and development environment in the devastating Chennai Floods – 2015. Nature did test us very hard. Being strong-willed with unyielding resolute to cause, drove us really hard in fulfilling our passion to build a set of healthcare devices for affordable care.

We had to ship our products from India to USA. It required us to ensure our devices meet FCC regulations. Hence, we had our devices tested for FCC regulations and it squeezed our available time for delivery. Also, we had to ship at least a month before the required delivery dates to ensure the submission happens with in- time.

Our notable successes are many. We have presently filed 26 patent applications on healthcare devices in a short term of 2 years. Some of devices are CE certified and Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) has registered and recognized us an R &D unit. Our healthcare devices were clinically validated by many institutions across the globe and started using them in hospitals, clinics and wellness camps. Many enterprises such as Medtronic, Apollo, Tata and others have integrated our devices with their medical systems using our SDK to provide quality care.

We partnered with many business enterprises across globe to have our healthcare devices cross oceans and reach millions in remote locations. We are strongly committed to the cause – “To promote and encourage illness free world”. We are continuing our journey with strong conviction that our quality healthcare systems would part be of creating and maintaining an “illness free world”. We thank XPrize Foundation and Qualcomm Tricorder for leading us to this journey from “No Where to Now Here”.