05 2013

Every day is a warm and wonderful day. We start our daily routine of work and comply with the stress through the day. If we have to look at the source of stress at a broader perspective, it would primarily be time bound activities, improper planning, healthy food habits, and relationships. Whilst we are busy with our daily schedules, what we are forgetting is our health and with these stress creators we are borne to a lot of challenges related health.

Keeping a tab on our health is very important. A stich in time saves nine - a very famous and well-known proverb. If we think our body is just functioning perfectly fine and there is nothing wrong with it, then we are terribly mistaken. We would pay for our ignorance not immediately, but sooner. Our body exhibits certain signals which we fail to understand. We have to take measure to keep a constant tab on our health. Our health is beyond wealth. A man who cares for his/her health is very wealthier than a person who is ignorant.