03 2013
Monitoring Blood Pressure

Monitoring your blood pressure at home on a daily basis is important. This is true as your blood pressure tends to differ in response to numerous factors such as environment, timing and condition of health at the time of measurement.

Have you have heard of “WHITE COAT HYPERTENSION”?


Although you may have normal blood pressure at home, you may have experienced instances where your blood pressure measurements read higher at the clinic due to anxiety. Home blood pressure measurement is indispensable for the diagnosis of white coat hypertension.

But it doesn’t end there!

Some forms of hypertension – although requiring medical intervention – cannot be detected by pressure measurements taken at doctor’s clinic alone.


Hypertension that cannot be detected only in doctor’s office is known as masked hypertension.

Blood pressure measured in a clinic setting is normal, but that measured in a non – clinical setting is always at a hypertension level.

Example of masked hypertension:

  • Morning hypertension
  • Nocturnal hypertension

Morning hypertension – You notice elevated blood pressure when waking up in morning.

Nocturnal hypertension - You have elevated blood pressure during sleep.

Blood pressure standards differ between your home and the doctor’s clinic. Masked hypertension may be overlooked by measurements taken only at the doctor’s office. And herein lies the importance of taking measurements at home.

Hypertension is commonly attributed to unhealthy lifestyles. Therefore, regular BP measurement to facilitate early awareness is a vital practice. Regular health monitoring is required to keep a tab on your health to maintain a happy life style.