About B.O.L.T - One Touch wireless health tracker

The importance of monitoring your health at home is a major concern in today’s fast pacing scenario. While competing to strive economically, what people are forgetting is their health. Health is wealth and this proverb seems to be long gone in most people’s mind. Now, it’s never too late to look back at what you have missed and start all over again…!!

Eating healthy, exercising, yoga are means to maintain a healthy body. But, how do you know if you are at the right track to a healthy living? Do you know how much oxygen should be available in your body?


In an article, Harvard health letter states “It has been found that around 72% of high BP patients kept their BP under control when they did regular BP monitoring at home.”

Yes, of course, you may think of getting a master check-up done once in two years to keep a track on your health, but, only to know that your blood pressure or diabetic levels or oxygen levels are not normal. And you may have to make frequent visits to the hospital to bring it back to normalcy. How would it be if you have a maneuver that comes handy at all times? Even on the go?

B.O.L.T can be carried anywhere and is simple to use. It can be used by everyone to easily measure vitals at home. Also, clinicians and paramedics can measure vitals in rural areas without carrying heavy medical equipments. Security forces & soldiers working in remote areas can measure vitals with ease.

B.O.L.T is a cloud enabled solution. With B.O.L.T your health vitals can be stored in your personal health cloud. Trend monitoring and graphical reporting is built on mobile and cloud platforms to get a snapshot at any given point in time.

We, at American Megatrends Private Limited device the next generation sensors that allows you to know your vitals as never before.


“B.O.L.T is a compact and wireless home health monitoring system that helps in taking preventive measure for better health.”

For B.O.L.T to be in your hands, all you need is any leading Smartphone or Tablet and one little accessory that connects to your device’s OS.

The B.O.L.T application stores your data, so you can see how you've improved over time. In the world of emerging mobile technologies – especially in the hands of patients themselves – our device offers great promises to prevent medical errors and improve health by gathering better data and suggesting relevant diagnosis. A system that helps build the process of follow-up and improves feedback management.