What B.O.L.T does?

Whether you're a fitness buff or you just want to keep better tab on your health, B.O.L.T is the answer to all your queries related to your health. B.O.L.T is a compact and wireless home health monitor that measures blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, temperature and your body vitals without a prick.

One app, Any OS, All the time.
Helps to keep a tab of your health.
Provides statistical reports to compare.
Enables you to share reports with your health experts and loved ones.

Key differentiators

If you've ever found yourself wondering just how healthy you are at any given minute, you'd benefit from B.O.L.T.


B.O.L.T gives 100% accurate results.

  • Small, simple and easy to use
  • Impressive User Interface
  • Health trends are available in the form of attractive graphics
  • Increases your readability with zero confusion