16 2015

Our healthcare solutions put control of individual's health with them, says Sridharan Mani, Director and CEO, American Megatrends India Pvt Ltd

Indian health IT market is more focused on patient security, compliance and regulations. In fact more importance is given to documentation and patient safety and very much needed in sick care. The latest generation medical equipment with sophisticated system has supported physicians to diagnose and cure patients from critical and life threatening diseases. Technological advancements in video/audio conferencing, picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and healthcare information systems (HIS) have made significant inroads in providing better system for patient care. All the notable advancements made in IT are oriented towards sick care.

We do believe that IT could play a much bigger role than this. IT should promote "Wellness" care. IT can make the shift from "sickness to wellness". IT could help improve health and quality of life by providing real-time information of health status to the individuals. Advancements in IT should help individuals to lead a better and healthy lifestyle without any compromises made. It is just not important h o w long an individual lives but how healthy the individual lives and IT could play a significant role in it.

How can mobile health transform healthcare industry?

Think of a minute, if your mobile can diagnose your health and advise you on what is going wrong and help you with the right guidance to take care of your health and avoid you from getting into a chronic condition or long term sickness. Think of a minute, if your mobile could scan the food and water and let you know whether it is good to consume or not. Think of a minute, if your mobile could let you know on lifestyle (diet and exercise) changes you need to make to live a life without comprise.

What is said above is all happening with smart sensors being connected to mobile. Mobile health is transforming healthcare by help individuals to take control of their health. Mobile health is playing a major role in promoting "Wellness care".

What is your take about mobility solutions in healthcare and how do you perceive its future especially in India?

Mobile penetration in India is very high and it is across the country. Slowly smartphone penetration is also increasing. With government initiatives of fibre-connectivity across villages is going to help India digitally connected and aid digital revolution. Hence, connectivity and reach would become a mute issue. However, the last mile of collecting the right data and sharing with the quality care providers would become the need of the day.

Definitely, mobility is the way to go and it is the inexpensive way to provide quality healthcare. Today, a mobile comes with all the elements required for audio/visual communication and transmission.

Companion portable devices like AMI B.O.L.T and AMI VitalsFit extends the value of the smartphone by taking the quality healthcare to doorsteps of the individuals. The health parameters are not only accurately collected but it is instantaneously transmitted to the caregiver for quality care.

What are your present operations in India and expansion plans?

American Megatrends India (AMI) is one of the leaders in high-tech engineering and computing innovations worldwide since 25+ years. AmZetta as a global organisation has more than 200 patents awarded on innovative engineering solutions and AMI products are shipping in more than 1/2 a billion of computers in the world today. AMI are specialty leaders in embedded services, BIOS customisation and porting, mobility solutions, IP SAN/NAS data storage solutions, infrastructure asset management, telematics solutions, knowledge management system, healthcare IT solutions, platform validation services and Android services.

The estimated medical devices market in India is around US$ 3 billion and is growing at rate of 15 per cent annually. We are expecting a decent share of the market over the years. We are also partnering with key healthcare providers and many of our products would be integrated with their services and to be made available in the market.