11 2015

“Sound mind in a sound body” is a simple yet a powerful statement that is packed with significant meaning.

The first step in staying fit is to be staying healthy. Without knowing the status of health and working to staying fit could become dangerous. Also, it is equally dangerous to do those exercises that could possibly harm your body based on your disease conditions. To stay healthy, one should ensure that their body vitals are in desired range. If not, immediately seek professional advice.

Seek professional advice on your fitness regime, as it is important to know what works and what does not. Also, for people with health conditions, it is important to have your fitness regime set based on your health.

B.O.L.T: Creating a new vision in Indian Healthcare Ecosystem

B.O.L.T, a wireless healthmonitoring product of American Megatrends, is one such solution that can help individuals monitor and record the key vitals parameters at place, any time.

B.O.L.T. is one of a kind portable lifestyle health device that seamlessly integrates with iOS, Android and Windows phones to measure and record vitals at the comfort of your home. It is a portable mobile device with dimensions similar to smartphone and it does not need AC outlet to operate.

The device can be carried anywhere and is simple to use. Everyone can use it and one can easily measure vitals in the comfort of their home. Also, clinicians and paramedics can measure vitals in rural areas without carrying heavy medical equipments. Security forces & soldiers working in remote areas can measure vitals with ease.

B.O.L.T is a cloud-enabled solution. With AMI B.O.L.T your health vitals can be stored in your personal health cloud. Trend monitoring and graphical reporting is built on mobile and cloud platforms to get a snapshot at any given point in time.

Healthcare organisations like Astermed City, Portea and several others are using B.O.L.T to assist their customers to manage and maintain healthy life.

B.O.L.T helps you to keep a tab on your health. Life is precious and we have one opportunity to live it to the fullest. To make the best out of this life, we need to stay healthy.