10 2015

Facilitating the delivery of health services to rural India, HNG, an affiliate of Apollo Hospitals has join hands with American Megatrends, Inc (AMI) as technology partner, introducing Control H, a handheld medical device, to enhance the rural health connect, home health monitoring and tele-health services

In this partnership, HNG will launch a new set of digital healthcare solutions under the Control-H brand.

The Control-H health monitoring device is a fully integrated solution that combines handheld medical device technology, developed by AMI, with the total remote healthcare solution technology, by the HealthNet Global.

The device provides the user with essential health information at any time and place by collecting key vital data such as non-invasive blood pressure (NiBP), pulse, blood oxygen level, body temperature, blood glucose, hemoglobin and cholesterol levels via a compact and portable device and sending the data to the HNG Health Cloud. The Cloud then connects to the Apollo network of doctors, physicians, consultants and specialists to provide quality healthcare to individual patients – anytime, anywhere.

Now, consumers using Control-H can observe and track vital health information in the comfort of their homes and then share it with the Apollo network of hospitals, specialty clinics, pharmacies and 24×7 emergency care facilities to receive top quality health advice and recommendations.

Expressing importance of remote healthcare and the convergence of healthcare, IT and handheld device, Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals Group, said, “In order to address predominant healthcare issues such as lack of infrastructure and access to it, we are constantly striving to develop new models and innovative solutions. One of these models – which we strongly feel will go a long way to address these issues – is a device capable of putting healthcare directly into the hands of an individual, like Control-H.”

The partnership would augment HNG’s digital healthcare platform with healthcare monitoring technology from AmZetta to deliver innovative digital healthcare solutions to the masses.

HealthNetHighlighting the need for such devices as an integral part of one’s daily wellness routine, Anindith Reddy, Director of HealthNet Global, said “Statistics show that more than 40 per cent of hospital walkin patients can be treated at home. Through the integrated use of various technologies, we are building a remote health platform that can treat all of these cases and non-communicative diseases from home and Control-H devices too can play an integral role in this platform.”

Control-H will soon become readily accessible to the general public. Both American Megatrends and Apollo Group are working on this health monitoring solution, which makes health information readily available at one’s fingertips.

“Ideally, wide adoption of these products would enable physicians to reach out to patients before health issues become serious problems and also empower patients to take a more involved and proactive approach to their own healthcare. It is our firm conviction that our partnership will help make this vision of the healthy future a reality,” said Subramonian Shankar, President and CEO of American Megatrends and Chairman of American Megatrends India Pvt., Ltd.

Elucidating about the device, Vikram Thaploo, CEO of Apollo Tele- Health Services and HealthNet Global, informed that a point of care is shifting from hospitals to homes and from curative to preventive modalities.

“In a country like India, where the doctor to patient ratio is 1:1700, we have a strong need for technology which will aid in monitoring and managing patient health around the clock. This is the essence of our collaboration with AMI, to make remote healthcare delivery fully comprehensive through devices such as Control-H,” he noted.

AMI, a global leader in BIOS, remote management tools, network data storage products and unique solutions based on the Linux® and Android™ operating systems, aims to deliver global digital health solutions .

“Through this initiative, we firmly believe that quality healthcare will become more accessible to citizens across the nation,” said Sridharan Mani, Director and CEO of American Megatrends India Pvt, Ltd.