30 2016

Today’s healthcare system is fundamentally flawed. Here is why?

  • Primary focus is on cure. Get sick to get attention, else you are on your own to stay healthy. It is no longer about care; encourages getting sick to get cured.

  • Healthcare revenue model is based on the level of sickness. Higher the sickness, higher the revenue potential. Treatment is based on affordability Organ transplantation ranges anywhere between Rs. 5 Lakh and Rs. 50 Lakh.

  • Level of sickness is due to leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Importantly, unhealthy life puts additional burden on dependents’ life.

  • Doctors, hospitals, clinics, and specialists are blamed or sued when misdiagnosis happens. As they have to deal with life and death situation every moment, this increases the liability of care.

  • In the year 2012, 93 percent of healthcare spending happened for the as per a Frost & Sullivan report. Very little emphasis is on prevention and it is left to individuals to take care.

Cure is always an aftermath attempt to recover to normal state after an event is caused by ignorance or carelessness, whereas care is to take adequate steps to prevent the occurrence of such an event by being cautious and aware. Let us review these situations. By transforming from cure to care and by regularly monitoring health to ensure all health parameters are within range, one can stay fit and reduce global disease.

One may ask how to track health and ensure the individual health is normal and on the right track of care? To check vitals regularly in the comfort of one’s home, one could use American Megatrends’ lifestyle product such as B.O.L.T and VitalsFit. AMI products have built-in functionality to indicate trends, and help to keep a tab on health. AMI B.O.L.T is a one-touch wireless monitor that allows you to check the status of your health at any given time.

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