23 2016
American Megatrends team Danvantri is one of the finalist for the Qualcomm Tricorder Xprize

A few months ago we announced two prize competitions that invite anyone to demonstrate exponential solutions to some of the grand challenges facing our planet, our ecosystems, and our communities. Up first is a prize that will re-imagine how carbon emissions can be useful and not harmful to mankind; and second, is a prize that will help us unlock the secrets of our vast oceans.

Reimagining Carbon: The NRG COISIA Carbon XPRIZE is a 20 million US dollar global competition to incentivize breakthroughs in the conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) into valuable products. The winning team will demonstrate conversion of the most CO2 from power plant emissions into products with the highest net value. We invite all engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and creative minds to consider forming a team! This is your opportunity to prove that carbon innovation can have exponential impact on energy sustainability. To complete your registration, meet other interested teams, and read the competition documents, visit the Competition Portal. The final registration and submission deadline is July 15, 2016

Discovering our Oceans: The Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE presents a unique opportunity to become part of the solution to unveiling our planet. By joining other innovators, entrepreneurs, and engineers in this global competition you will be instrumental in developing the next generation of planetary exploration technologies. We are now excited to announce that registration is open for teams and individuals who wish to compete for the 7 million US dollar prize purse! This is your chance to register a team to help improve underwater discovery vehicles and to follow the footsteps of great innovators. To complete your registration, meet other interested teams, and read the competition documents, log in to the Competition Portal. After 30 June, 2016 late registration is available until 30 September 2016.

The benefits of competing in an XPRIZE include garnering the attention of investors, access to world-class testing facilities, global marketing and publicity, and of course, the chance to have massive transformational impact for humanity by pioneering a pathway to the future!